On December 9, 2017, the Australian LGBT community was protected by all sorts of discrimination, and they were given the same rights and responsibilities as the others in the country. The same-sex marriage was legalised in Australia, and the legal definition of marriage in the Marriage Act 1961 has been changed from a union of a man and women to union of two people. Changes were also made in sex discrimination act, family law act, migration act, Defence Force Cover Act etc.

Religions and LGBT right:

Same-sex marriages were legalised in the country, but that does not mean that it forced the religions to conduct or accept such marriages. If a religious organization does not want to conduct same-sex marriage at the church or at other facilities no one can force them into doing so.

Recognition of couples who got married overseas:

Australian couples who got married overseas will be recognised under the law, and this will also make it easy for them file a divorce. The same applies to all future same-sex marriages which are held overseas.

Change of gender:

People who have previously changed their genders were unable to change their sex in their birth certificates and other documents, but now anyone can change their genders on their birth certificates if they had changed their gender.

Refusal of Service:

A law has been made where the taxi drivers, bakers, photographers, florists etc. cannot refuse to provide service for the LGBT community to prepare for their wedding.

Age of consent:

The age of consent law applies to all the states and territories in the country, and it is applicable for everyone regardless of gender or any other sexual orientation. The age of consent is 16 except for South Australia and Tasmania where the age of consent is 17.

Protection against discrimination:

In the year 2013, discrimination against gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual was made illegal under the law for the very first time. The Aged care providers will not be able to reject people or discriminate people based on their relationship or sexual orientation or their intersex status.

Adoption and parenting rights:

Australia has recently brought about the law that same-sex couples can adopt children in all the states and territories in the country. Altruistic surrogacy is also made legal in Australia but commercial surrogacy still illegal all over the country.

Public’s acceptance of homosexuality:

In the year 2013, about 79% of the public accepted homosexuality in the society and Australia was the 5th most supportive country after Spain, Germany, Canada and the Czech Republic. Sydney is considered to be one of the most gay-friendly cities in the entire country and even in the world. Though the rules and regulations were quite strict in the previous years, Australia has made so alterations to its laws so that discrimination is eliminated in the country.