Facing legal scrutiny can be an overwhelming experience for most people, especially if they have never faced criminal charges before. Being suspected as a criminal is a difficult situation for anyone to be in and it’s no wonder that these people seek the help of the best criminal lawyers in Sydney.

There’s a lot at stake when facing criminal charges such as your freedom, your public record and your ability to travel overseas or find employment. With so much on the line it’s easy to see why people stuck in this situation would seek the best criminal lawyers in Sydney that they can get.

Let’s take a look at the top traits of the best criminal lawyers in Sydney.


The best criminal lawyers in Sydney will have decades of courtroom experience behind them and will have defended hundreds of clients like you before. While no two cases are identical, a good criminal solicitor will be able to draw on their past experience of handling similar cases and use it in your case.

This experience can be seen in the level of familiarity the solicitor has with the courtroom setting and the correct procedures that take place during a criminal hearing. Your solicitor should be able to use their knowledge to guide you through the process and make predictions about what will likely happen next.

Organised and punctual

When being charged by the police it’s absolutely essential that your solicitor is punctual and well-organised in order to represent you in court. The last thing you need is a solicitor who is disorganised and is late to the courtroom.

The best criminal lawyers in Sydney are always on-time and are always well-researched and prepared to handle your case. The idea is that your solicitor makes you feel more confident, not less.

When you hire criminal lawyers in Sydney you expect to get a professional who will handle your case seriously. Anything less than a punctual and organised expert will mean bad news for your case and will lessen the chances of you getting a favourable outcome.

Clear communicator

The best criminal lawyers in Sydney should be able to break down your cases bit by bit and explain it to you in layman’s terms. The whole point of a solicitor is that they can understand and interpret the law for the average person so that they understand their legal situation as much as possible.

When you have a meeting with your solicitor you should be leaving feeling less confused than when you walked in. If the solicitor is failing to explain the basic concepts of your case to you then it may be a sign you made the wrong choice.

Excellent rhetorician

The best criminal lawyers in Sydney are all excellent rhetoricians that can act as powerful advocates on behalf of their clients. They should be great English speakers who can present evidence and cross-examine witnesses with a distinctive rhetorical style.

This skill is essential for criminal lawyers in Sydney as it is what allows them to make persuasive legal arguments to the court. The better a rhetorician the solicitor is the more likely they will be able to persuade a judge to agree with their legal interpretation of the facts.

While no amount of fancy talk will substitute for hard evidence, the rhetorical skill of your solicitor is crucial nonetheless. It is what allows them to argue for and against said evidence and to interpret it in a way that supports the outcome you are seeking.

It’s clear that these traits are what set the best criminal lawyers in Sydney apart from the rest. Those seeking legal counsel for criminal matters should definitely make sure their solicitor has these traits.